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3D Bricks

  • Bricks 3D is a new version of the famous Bricks game
  • Contents: rotating turnable with 100 squares, 44 Bricks in 4 colours, 4 masks instruction guide storage tray. ūüéČTable Chess 3d Square Grid Parent-child Toys, 3D Bricks Puzzle Series, Friend Family Party Games.

4 in 1 Indian Festivals

"4 in 1 Indian Festival Jigsaw Puzzle" is a set of four jigsaw puzzles, each depicting a different festival celebrated in India: Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, and Christmas. The puzzles are designed for children aged 3-6 and above and are a great way to learn about different cultural traditions and celebrations.Completing a jigsaw puzzle can help children develop problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. It can also provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction once the puzzle is completed.

CATAN Seafarers

  • Tons of replay value
  • 3-4 Players, 60 minute playing time
  • Winner of Game of the Century award
  • New graphics, board and cards
  • Expanded Rule Book

Fastest Finger

  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Hockey game that no stick, ice or air is required. Take time away from the screen and get kids involved in a strategic game of table hockey!
  • Includes 1 Table board, 10 colored Coins. For 2 players, Easy rules. Use the elastic band to shoot all the coins through the small gate, to your opponent half.
  • Develop children's various abilities- Fast sling puck is a fast paced action game. Improves your child hand-eye coordination, strengthens fine motor skill extending the child's focus.