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CATAN Seafarers

  • Tons of replay value
  • 3-4 Players, 60 minute playing time
  • Winner of Game of the Century award
  • New graphics, board and cards
  • Expanded Rule Book

Fastest Finger

  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Hockey game that no stick, ice or air is required. Take time away from the screen and get kids involved in a strategic game of table hockey!
  • Includes 1 Table board, 10 colored Coins. For 2 players, Easy rules. Use the elastic band to shoot all the coins through the small gate, to your opponent half.
  • Develop children's various abilities- Fast sling puck is a fast paced action game. Improves your child hand-eye coordination, strengthens fine motor skill extending the child's focus.

Fine Catch

  • In the Box - 1 Throw and 2 Scoop Handle, Recommended Age - 5+ Years, Material- Plastic
  • Play Catch - Try a new spin on the timeless game of catch with our deluxe scoop ball set; perfect for your kids play time
  • Light Weight, Durable - The heavy duty scoops and balls are made with tough high density plastic and are safe for boys and girls
  • Perfect For Kids/Adult - Great lawn game for everyone in the family, Best Ball Game for kids
  • Improve Hand Eye Coordination - Not only fun but also challenging, our scoop games help both players improve their motor skills.

Mapology Solar System

About this item

  • DUAL SIDED PUZZLE WITH PLANET & ORBIT SHAPED PUZZLE PIECES: A unique Solar System floor puzzle with perfectly cut Planets & Orbit shaped puzzle pieces to make play-way learning effortless & fun!
  • 72 INTERESTING FACTS TO LEARN: 8 interesting facts to learn about each Planet and the Sun. Learn about colour, size, rotation, dwarf planets, the asteroid belt and lots more. Just paste the stickers & insert the pegs in the aliens
  • MULTI-PLAYER BOARD GAME: Turn the space puzzle into a multi-player board game and invite your friends to join the fun. Play games like: Guess the Fact, Heads Up and Rapid Fire- capture the planets by learning the facts
  • 50 YEARS OF SPACE EXPEDITION: Explore man's journey of space expeditions as you solve the second side. Learn about Mars Rovers, Neil Armstrong and more!
  • COOL ALIENS: This Solar System Toy comes with 9 cool alients that can spin! They can hold the Spacehip shaped fact pegs making learning fun for kids & can be used as fun pencil toppers too!


  • USE SKILL AND REASON: Prepare to engage in the ultimate contest of skill and reason as players try to make and crack codes
  • PLAY IN DUAL ROLE: As CODEMAKER, the goal is to create the perfect code that no one can break. The CODEBREAKER must try to break the code in the fewest possible number of guesses
  • INCLUDES PLASTIC GAME TRAY (DE-CODING UNIT): Features built in storage area for pegs, built in scoring line, and hinged shield to conceal secret code and instructions in English and Hindi
  • CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: It s a battle of the mind! Players will need all their powers of logic and deduction to make or break a cunning coded sequence of colours.

Mikodo Sticks Jumbo

  • It is allowed to stand up on but not to leave the own place. A bad throw could be rerun and the rules should be kept strict in respect to moving sticks to enjoy the game. On a fault the turn ends (the last stick taken is not counted). The next player bundles and drops the sticks again. After several rounds, normally five, the one with the highest score is the winner-Mind Game
  • Includes 41 Mikado sticks game for Adults, Box dimensions - 20.5 x 10.5 x 3 cm
  • Enhances hand eye coordination - pick up sticks game / Puzzle for Kids, Family Game
  • Mikado Sticks Jumbo for Kids to Develop Concentration and Attention Span Building
  • The sticks are bundled and taken in one hand that touches the table/ground. The release creates a circular jumble. Now one stick after another should be taken up without moving/touching others. The take away could be by hand, possibly through pressing on a stick's tip or if one has already picked up a special stick (Mikado/Mandarin), it could be used as a helper, possibly to throw up another stick. It is allowed to stand up on but not to leave the own place.